Clown and Communication

This course has been conceived for all those who want to study the special from of perception and communication of the clown. This "clown method" is based on extensive experience with the technique of how to combine the  various clownish froms of drama, thus creating your individual expression. The "5 rooms of laughter" are rooms of experience, offering structures and liberties within which you can develop your individual form of humour.

At the end of this course you will have acquired the ability for spontaneous clownish improvisation. The "clown method" is to be put into practice in social education and therapeutic institutions. During my work as a director and teacher at the "Schule fuer Clowns" in Mainz, I have found out that to be a clown serves as a basis for the development of your personality which is valid for many other spheres of life, apart from the professional presentation on stage.

In the course of this process we learn:

to overcome our shyness; to stand in front of an audience; to deepen our personal development; to find out what we really are and to concentrate on this; to strengthen our weak points; to understand weakness as strenth; to consider role models and efficiency as positive features; to master discipline, hard work, and obstacles; to maintain one's presence here and now; to develop charisma, daringness, and courage; to understand clear structures and good organisation; to free our inner child; to discover confidence and the lightness of being; to enjoy achievement; to grow; to tackle difficulties and to accept problems as a challenge.


The course consists of two parts.

  • Part one includes 5 weekend workshops under the headline "The 5 rooms of laughter". You will get to know the 5 archetypal versions of the clown
  • Time schedule: Friday 18 - 21.oo h  Saturday 10 - 17.00 h Sunday 10 to 14.00 h
  • During the second part, the creation and development of an individual clown character will be pursued, on the basis of the clown's very own substantiality.
  • This part consists of two weekend workshops plus a four-day intensive block: Thursday to Sunday 10 - 17.00 h


All participants receive a certificate of the state-approved vocational college "Schule fuer Clowns".