Master Classes Clown Intensive

Advanced clowning students and professionals from the fields of dance, drama or the acrobatic arts are welcome in the various master classes Clown. These intensives are based on the so-called Five Spaces of Laughter, the techniques of play and enactment which Michael Stuhlmiller devised and designed for the training of clown professionals. This unique system of training and performance covers the full range of the Clowning Arts.


  • The Pure Clown
    • Physical Clowning/ Mime Clowning
    • Skits/Acts with Gadgets/Objects and Props
  • The Character Clown
    • Clown meets Drama
    • Enactments of Failure

The two seminar series comprise a total of six workshops with an in-depth focus on the respective topic(s). The goal of each workshop is for the participants to devise and develop an act of their own. A public performance takes place at the end of each workshop, which is filmed and subsequently reflected upon and discussed. Every participant receives the footage of their act. A photographer is present at the performance as well and makes the material available to the participants. The photographs may also be purchased as a bound book.

The Pure Clown – Contents:

  • Physical Clowning /Mime Clowning
    • Pure Movements
    • Twin Skit
    • Psychological Gestures / Developing a Skit via the Emotions/ Associative Skits
    • Mime and Narrative Skits / Telling and Playing Stories by means of the Body
    • Play of Accomplices
  • Physical Clowning / Mime Clowning
    • Change of Character
    • Figuration Mime as Clown
    • Status Skit
  • Play with Objects and Props
    • Various Playful Ways of Handling Objects
    • Feats and Skits with Objects
    • Associative and Narrative Skits with Objects. The Object as Ever-Changing Prop in a Story.
  • Play with Objects and Props
    • The Personified Object. The Object as a Skit Partner
    • Status Skits with Objects
    • Slapstick with Objects
  • The Character Clown – Contents:
    • The Character Clown / Enactments of Failure
    • Slapstick Solo
    • Solo Skits- Failing at Handling an Object
    • Solo Skits- Failure due to Character
    • Duo Skits - Slapstick
    • The Partner at Failure

Michael Stuhlmiller / co-trainer (name TBA)

  • Master classes